My philosophy

Diane Chabot Gum Wall

To many, a copywriter is simply there to produce words — words to fill a design, to fill a website, to fill a white paper. 

But there's more to copywriting than putting letters in a row.

Like any industry, disciplines need to work together to create something good. I’m not talking just fulfilling an ask. I’m talking about creating meaningful work that has impact.

I believe that a good copywriter is also a good strategist. Because in order to create the big picture, you have to first shape it.


Say hey



Experience in the field


PCC Community Markets | Feb. 2018 — Present

Tank Design | Jan. 2016 — Aug. 2017

Staples | Dec. 2014 — Sept. 2015

Mintz+Hoke | June 2014 — Dec. 2014


“When Diane came to M+H as a freelance copywriter, she fit right in. She did great work that was error free. And she ‘got it’ right away. But beyond all of that, she’s got a great attitude and is very easy to work with. A pleasure. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
— Grant Sanders, VP Creative Director, Mintz + Hoke